Wednesday, January 5, 2011


Finally! After this blog posting I will be caught up! So without further adieu here are my favorites from the last few shoots of 2010.
Here is Mr Jacob a whole year older than the last time I saw him!

Next up is picture perfect Kaylen with her sweet parents

Another precious toddler is Braydon. He and his GORGEOUS Mommy go to my church. ;)

And speaking of church friends, the Guinns are the bestest!

this next one is one of my most favorite pics of all time!! haha!

The Loup's welcomed their precious baby girl!

Sophie has grown a whole year since last I photographed her. I had to work a little harder to earn that smile but i got it!

Precious little bundle of joy, Cameron, was almost a Christmas baby. Welcome little one!

So fun to see cute Ms Aubrey grow! Her parents love documenting her growth every couple of months by having Yours Truly photograph her. She is one day younger than my Max.

and we got some sibling photos in for Aubrey's Grandma

Jessica is a great friend and fabulous coworker at my hubby's office. Here she is showing off her pride and joy! =)

Had to document Mikaylyn's first Christmas. She is such a blessing!

Another little bundle I had the honor of photographing is baby Emma. So small and presh!
And you wouldn't know from looking at the photos but she actually cried for about 85% of the time! Thank God for a fast camera at just the right times!

So good to see the Trevinos again this year and to add Grandma and Grandpa into the mix this time!

Also great to see the Miller clan again. Talk about a good looking bunch!

16 people.....half of them beings kids?! Yes, it was a challenge and there were some cranky ones but at the end we ended up getting some great ones of EVERYbody!

*Sigh* oh are so cute! Can't wait to meet little brother next month! I might just bust if he looks anything like his big brother!