Tuesday, March 23, 2010

SEN10RS (part dos)

I've photographed a bunch of seniors lately (and still more to come). But for now check out these very fabulous people!

First up we have besties Macy & Sam. These gals are 100% energy!! Their shoot was very fun because of it! Congratulations to them as they graduate from Conroe High School!

Next up meet Kyla! When her Mom contacted me to do her photos she told me she has a very happy and bubbly personality so I just could not wait to meet and photograph her joy!

with her sweet Mom and brother

I had to beg her handsome brother to get this one...glad he gave in

And our last lady of the day is Laurie. She is just plain gorgeous! Her shoot was an adventure because we went to downtown Houston. I've always wanted to do a shoot there and this was my first!

And last but not least, our only gentleman (and yes, he IS a gentleman), Bobby! He will be graduating from University of Houston in a couple of weeks. Congratulations, Bobby!!

Thanks for looking! As always, more to come!