Wednesday, December 28, 2011


If my blog site doesn't crash from all the pictures it's bound to crash from all this CUTENESS!!! Ahhh!!! ;)

I had fun photographing the Nichols and Milliffs. I'll let you guess which particular tyke wasn't feeling the camera that day...;)

Had a blast photographing my new friends, the Cochrans! Had to work a little extra for some of the smiles at the beginning but that's what I do!! ;)

And one of my favoritest families are the Ray's.  Mommy and I were college roommates some 7 years ago! Love these faces! Looking forward to the arrival of little, baby Carson in February! 

And just gotta soak up this cuteness!! Gah!!! Abigail is SUCH a doll!! Love her dimples too! 

And lastly, the Wilkin's family in all their adorableness!!! ;)  Squish!!!