Wednesday, November 30, 2011


Is it even okay to post 54 pictures in one blog post?! Oh well....I'm so far behind (as I always am this time of year)
So, on to the cuteness!
Here is one of my favorite families, the Ely's.  Always adorable....hmmm I wonder what college team they root for! ;)

It was an absolute JOY to meet and photograph the Hammons.  Looking forward to many more shoots with them in the future. 

so in love

And you would never know by looking at these pictures but sweet Hank was sick during this freezing cold shoot and we didn't even know until after. He was such a trooper!

The Killions were making me laugh the whole time with little remarks under their breath...I'm lucky these were even in focus! ;)  Love this family...I really do

The Sharps took advantage of my mini session offer and got some cute pics for their Christmas card ;)