Wednesday, April 28, 2010


I love my job because I get to meet and then photograph the sweetest people! I love watching them interact with each other and be lovey dovey. That is my fave! And then to see (hear) the smiles and even tears sometimes after they see and fall in love with the photos.....sigh....that's the best!
Well, these 3 families are no exception to the joy that I feel when meeting and photographing my fabulous clients!

It was fun trekking out to the Anderson's home to photograph them with their WHOLE family. ;) And then off to the local park to get some photos with our state's flower.

beautiful Momma looking like Nicole Kidman

This South African family was so sweet and adorable. And even though I made a fool of myself driving to the wrong address clear across town to make myself an hour late to the shoot...they were still as sweet and understanding as can be.

Thanks for looking! And if you haven't heard I will be going on maternity leave in a month and when I get back (don't know when that will be yet...just keep checking my blog and facebook) my price will increase to $2oo. Thank you to all my fabulous clients! Happy weekend!